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Enjoy these added values along with your Bruno MD6

Extremely accurate
Easy to use 
Avoid hassle of keeping logs 
Peace of mind
Share results with doctors and loved ones instantly
No insurance coverage necessary
No prescriptions or co-pay required
Bruno MD6
How It Works
The Bruno MD6 delivers incredible accuracy by using a 5-electrode technology to provide plasma-calibrated readings. With just a small spec of blood needed, readings can be done in just 5 seconds.

The Bruno MD6 automatically uploads your results to your smart phone and keeps a detailed log history for you. 
Your detailed log history can be viewed by you, your family, and your physician to better manage your health. 

“Finally, with the Bruno MD6, I am managing my diabetes like I have always wanted to. I love it so much that I wish it was here 42 years ago.”
– Darrin
“I love that it synced to my phone right away which is really convenient, before I had to manually log what everything was. Having the app right there gives you a lot of information all in one place.”
– Francis
“Accuracy is one of the highest things of importance on my list, and Bruno is fast, reliable, accurate and very user friendly. I love the test strips.”
– Jodi

Complete control over your blood sugar!
With the Bruno MD6, you can take comfort in knowing that you have complete control over your blood sugar levels. With our accurate lab-like readings, you can know your glucose levels at all times without going to the doctor, feel confident in the accuracy of an at home device, and enjoy the ease of being able to access your results/log history from your smart phone. You can live freely, knowing that you always have the capability of always being aware of your results, and being able to share that information with family members or your physician with ease. 
For the first time ever,
get lab-like readings at home.
The Bruno MD6 comprehensive monitoring program wirelessly and automatically maintains a log of your results, with every detail you and your physician need to manage your health

Get the lab-quality Bruno MD6 meter, originally developed for doctors and a $150 value, FREE!

*Just pay for your testing strips! 
Activation fee applies.